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From Matt Warren

When I think about men in my life who have displayed transformation in the hands of God, Pete Tackett is one that I consider. I have known Pete for 12 years and have worked with him in Baptist associational life and summer camp ministry. Pete has invested himself in personal friendship and mentoring as well. In all of this, I have seen Pete sanctified in the Lord.

Recently I have walked with Pete in some of his most difficult trials, and I have observed a man with a deep level of humility and transparency that only comes from a willingness to submit to the counsel of God and godly men for the glory of Jesus. Pete is now serving the Lord and others in a new capacity that is building Christ’s Kingdom in a multitude of ways.

I personally know that the time I spend with Pete Tackett enriches me in the Lord. When I think about Pete, he reminds me of the prophet Nathan, a man who spoke the word of God to David. Being in leadership, like David, I cherish Pete’s counsel, wisdom, and understanding of grace, mercy, and godliness as he invests in my life. It is with utmost confidence that I encourage you to seek a relationship with Pete, for you will be blessed in doing so.

– Matt Warren, Teaching Pastor, Coopertown Community Church, Coopertown, Tenn.


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