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What We Do

Today, Lori and I are focusing on operating in our strengths and using the gifts and abilities we have been given to assist the local church and individual believers as they seek restoration to Kingdom usefulness. Among the free things we can do to help are:

  • If you are a church leader and have had some event or issue in your life that leaves you in need of restoration, and you could benefit from interaction with someone who has lived through it and knows there is life past the “event,” Pete would be glad to hang out with you in person or by phone.
  • If your spouse needs some encouragement and direction in helping to get past the things that have happened and are happening, Lori is a great listener and a gifted intercessor. She is available by phone or in person as schedule allows.
  • Because of our own journey and the people we have encountered since, we have a network of resources that you may need to tap into at some point. We pride ourselves on being collectors and connectors of people and will be glad to share whatever connections we have with you.
  • If your church has experienced the heartbreak of a broken lay leader or staff leader and needs help in finding the Biblical model of restoration, Pete would be glad to meet with your leadership team at no cost as his schedule allows.
  • If your church has suffered an event or series of events that have led to division, conflict, or decline, and you have a desire to turn it around, Pete and Lori serve local churches in a consulting role. Pete is certified by the Tennessee Baptist Convention and Lifeway as a Transitional Interim Pastor. The church he now pastors had been in decline for years and has found renewed vitality in its transitional community. If you would like to talk to Pete about how that works, it will cost you a cup of coffee.

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