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A Church Practicing Grace and Truth re: Same Sex Marriage


This the final post in a series about the same-sex marriage debate. You can read my core philosophy here; my understanding of Scripture here; and  practical application ideas here. This final post is to simply say what I plan to do and what I will attempt to lead our church to do.

1. We will continue to cling to the authority of the Bible on this matter, teaching as it comes up, that any sexual involvement outside of God’s plan for marriage between one man and one woman is contrary to Biblical teaching.

2. We will choose to be known as a church that loves all sinners and actively work against bullying of anyone, including but not limited to the LGBT population.

3. We will attempt to make every person welcome regardless of the sinful choices they make, recognizing that all of us are sinners by nature and by choice.

4. We will attempt to look past the outer scars and appearances of all those who attend our church with a heart to learn about God and His claims on their lives.

5. We will use the resources, facilities, manpower, and energy God has given our church to advocate for and strengthen Biblical marriages and families.

6. We will not use our resources, facilities, manpower, and energy to condone or bless any marriage that is contrary to God’s Word.

7. We will defend our 1st amendment rights to believe and teach the Bible without interference or intimidation by any government or non-governmental organization.

8. We will make every effort to build relationships and dialogue with any individual genuinely interested in hearing about and considering the claims of God upon their life.

9. We will choose to be known more by what we advocate than what we oppose.

One Response

  1. Pete,

    You know the Bible a lot better than I do. However, I do know what God says about marriage. My church here in Kentucky is an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church and we stand behind the King James Bible. Our preacher preaches the Bible and is able to back up anything that comes out from behind the pulpit with scripture. As long as you can do that then it doesn’t matter what “man” says. At least that is how I look at it. You are my cousin, part of my family that I am very proud to claim. 🙂 Therefore, stand on God’s Word and preach on Brother.

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