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What Does a Biblicist Think about Same-Sex Marriage

(Before you come unglued about this post, let me remind you it is one in a series and if you want to know what my foundational teaching is on the matter, you might want to read my earlier post on Grace and Truth.)

grace and truthWe live in a culture that views tolerance, at least the newly-defined tolerance, as the ultimate virtue. Formerly, tolerance meant that every one has a right to their own opinion. Now, it has come to mean that everyone’s opinion is right. That is a difficult culture for those of us who are Christ followers and consider the Bible our standard for truth. Some years ago, I came to the conclusion after much prayer and touching base with several other theories, that I believe the Bible as my standard of truth. When I say the Bible, I am not saying one line I pull out and use for my own ends, but that the totality of the Holy Scriptures inform my belief system. I further believe that any evangelical Christian should hold a similar position.

I settled on this “verbal, plenary” inspiration view of the Bible partially in response to the understanding I got from reading Josh McDowell’s journey toward faith in Christ. To oversimplify a bit, he said that in order to be truth, it has to be universal (true in Moscow, Russia, and Moscow, TN); constant (true in 1713 and in 2013); and objective (true in a victorian culture and a post-modern culture.) Knowing that  might help you understand why I decide what I believe about same-sex marriage not based on current political correctness, public opinion polls, or its popularity among my friends. I am unashamedly a follower of Jesus Christ and I make this decision based on what the Bible teaches me.

There is much writing by both atheists and liberal theologians that call into question the authority of the Bible. What they cannot do is call into question that it is my belief system and it informs my beliefs.

Having said that, I am opposed to the legalization of same-sex marriage, based on these issues that the Bible raises.

In Genesis 2:24, the Bible says “For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh.” Lest you dismiss this as “old covenant,” let me remind you Jesus quoted that in Mark 10:6-9. It appears that even though many Bible era cultures had some gay population, early spiritual leaders as led by the Holy Spirit, showed no inclination to allow them to marry. In fact, some of the earliest writings of Scripture (Leviticus 18:22-30, for instance) made it clear homosexuality was a sin. Marriage has a clear purpose, one of which was procreation, which is necessarily limited by the marriage of two males or two females.

Additionally, in the fifth commandment (found in Exodus 20), we are told to honor our father and mother. The indication is that in the foundational law for his people, God’s desire was that every little boy and little girl have a relationship with mother and father. Some of the same mental health professionals that have lined up on behalf of same-sex marriage have long contended that a great deal of the mental pathology in our world is related to failed relationships with the parent of the opposite sex. Honestly, I am more concerned about little ones being deprived of a mom or dad than I am about procreation.

Another concern raised in the Bible is Romans 1:18-32, which calls homosexuality both perversion and unnatural, and indicates it is far down the evolutionary scale of sin. The apostle, Paul, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit spoke of homosexuality being the end result of God giving sinful people free reign to go as far as they wanted to go. Multiple times in this passage, he said God gave them over to a depraved mind. I am not condemning anyone, but simply saying I believe the Bible and the Bibles says this is sin.

Finally, I am opposed to same-sex marriage because in Ephesians 5:25-32, Paul tells us the Christian marriage is a mysterious picture of how Christ relates to the church. As much as we want everyone to like us, I think we make a huge mistake when we try to redraw a picture God has already drawn and throw away 5,000 years of cultural history and Biblical understanding in the name of enlightenment.

There are dozens of other passages, both old and new Testament, that speak to this issue. The purpose of this writing is not to do an exhaustive study but in general terms, to present the reason for my opinion on the matter and the reason I am leading my church in the way I am.

In the next post, I will get beyond the truth of this post and deal with some really tough questions about how we show grace in this situation. After all, the Bible doesn’t just tell us what is wrong, it informs us on how to do things right. Thanks for thinking with me.

2 Responses

  1. Thank you Pastor Pete for allowing the Holy Spirit speak through you on this subject. Clear thinking, based on God’s word is desperately needed as this debate rages on. What I find hard to do is ‘love the sinner’ when they so desperately want acceptance and want us to agree with them. Keep up the good work. Martha

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  2. […] to believe what the Bible teaches is right and wrong. You can read the “why?” of that here. The purpose of this post is to simply offer some practical application of what it looks like for a […]

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