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The Christian Chaos Theory

I am no Sheldon Cooper (and truthfully have no idea if a theoretical physicist would even be concerned about the chaos theory) but I have my own little theory about chaos. Everytime I think I have all the balls I am juggling in the air and under control, someone tosses me a porcupine and in a panic, I let everything hit the ground. When that happens, if I remain close to God and listen intently, He is not only able but very willing to take the chaos that ensues and make it work for me rather than against me.

I was having coffee with a friend and we were whining together about how both of us seemed to have it all together three years ago and now both of us are putting one foot in front of the other, hoping there is something under our feet on the next step. Both of our lives have gone from very settled to totally chaotic and unpredictable, his as a result of outside events over which he had no control and mine as a result of my own stubbornness and foolishness. It really doesn’t matter who or what is to blame-we are both living in a chaotic time.The words of Psalm 37:23 came up as we encamped around our own little pity party. You may remember them.

“The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord….”

My friend, Jerry, told me something a professor told him in seminary. This professor assured Jerry and his fellow students that this verse did not mean God controls us like robots and tells us which step to take, but that the word “ordered” there is more akin to “bringing to order.” In other words, God takes the chaotic messes we make of our lives and brings them to order.

I am “exhibit a” in this Theory of Christian Chaos. I would never have left my comforatble life and chosen the path of the last 18 months in my life. I would never have exchanged the comfort of a role as Senior Pastor of a large and growing church for the uncertain life of missions, consulting, and transitional pastoring. I also do not believe God forced me or made me enter into this chaos. It was caused by my own choices. However, I am sure of this. Only God could take the mess and make it a message, in the words of Joyce Meyer.

So, that is my theory of Christian chaos. God takes the chaos of our lives and brings it to order when we remain in Him and He remains in us. Does that ring true in your own experiences?

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