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I Am Not a Fan

You should meet my new friend, Brin. She is in Kindergarten and I met her at lunch with her Papa and Gran last Sunday. She was instantly special to me for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that I had the privilege of being her mother’s youth pastor during another lifetime. She was engaging and smart and not the least bit intimidated by an adult, even if he was the visiting pastor.

Brin taught me a new phrase, one I am sure she learned from Mom and Dad. Our menu was more pastor-friendly than it was toward her and her younger sister and baby brother. They were very cooperative and ate what was put on their plate but you could tell they would rather have had pizza, which Brin politely told me was her favorite food.

When asked if she liked the chicken casserole, she said, “I am not a fan.” She went on to explain that “I am not a fan” means that she likes it but it is not her favorite thing. Since then, whenever something happens that I do not like, I have thought to myself, “I am not a fan.” In fact, there are a lot of things lately that make me say “I am not a fan.” Here is a partial list of those that have crossed my path since I met Brin.

  • Negative political commercials
  • Bad football officiating
  • Selfish drivers
  • Gossiping Christians
  • Asparagus

Don’t you just love the politeness of that phrase? I am not a fan! What is it that makes you want to say, “I am not a fan.”

One Response

  1. i've gotta say, as this sweet girl's mama, i AM a fan of this post!! it made me smile…

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