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Transitional Leadership – Pete has served two churches as Interim Pastor while on those church staffs. He has been able to steer the churches he has led through turbulent waters and times of change and successfully hand them off to new pastors. Recently, he was designated as a Certified Transitional Pastor by the Tennessee Baptist Convention.

Change Management – Churches live and die in cycles often without even realizing where they are in the cycle. Some churches are fortunate enough to have perceptive leadership that sees the changing tide around them and proactively attempts to position the church to not only survive the change but thrive in the aftermath. Fresh eyes often help. Pete is available to walk your church through a prescribed process of evaluation, recommendation, and implementation. He can either take a hands-on approach or coach your leadership in how to do this.

Pastoral Coaching – Fresh eyes and fresh ears often see and hear nuances to a situation that might be missed by those who live closest to the situation. As much as possible, Pete tries to connect with pastors not as someone who knows it all, but as someone who has been there and done that, in hopes that he can offer some fresh ideas and solutions. Pete finds He is sharpened as much by the exchange as those being coached, so he tries to do as much of this as possible on a volunteer and informal basis.

Staff Searches – Pastors and personnel teams are increasingly frustrated with the process of finding the right person to fill a vacancy on their team. Pete has built successful teams on a number of levels over the past 25 years. He is a collector and connector of people. He will be glad to assist you in your next staff search, at whatever level you need his help, including needs assessment, job clarification, personality matching, candidate interviews and recommendations, and background checks. A custom plan that fits your need and budget can be developed.

Senior Pastor Searches – The news has been full in recent years of great churches, led by great men, who did not know how to call the next great leader. There are many resources for larger churches but the small to medium size church often is stuck in an old model of pastor search that at best, is a hit-and-miss. In these turbulent times, a miss can be devastating to the long-term health and success of the mission of the church. With 25 years in church world, Pete can assist your team in assessing the future direction and personality of the church and help you connect with a pool of candidates to consider.

Affordable Placement Services – Having been out of the local church since July, 2009, Pete has worked hard to develop a strategy of social networking, resume development, and web presence to help him reconnected when the time is right. Along the way, he found out his strategy was a need for many fellow ministers who felt the time was right for a move but did not have the time and skill to get their names in front of churches that match their skills, gifts, and passion. Think personal agent. This service is affordable and customizable. Begin with a free, no-commitment one hour consultation in person or by Webcam.

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