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Antioch 2.0 Update – Our First Goal

Nearly two years ago, I stood on a temporary stage in our worship center and laid out a vision for Antioch 2.0. Along with our leadership, we asked you to prayerfully consider helping us accomplishing three goals that would enable our vision of making and mobilizing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.It is a vision that will help bridge us to become the kind of church in we see in Acts 2.

Our first goal was to take what was a gym with a temporary stage and turn it into a usable worship center that would have the tools needed to present the gospel to a modern community. Every week, we worship in that fully refurbished building and God is blessing us with new people and expanded ministry as a result.

We thought we could do it for $500,000 but after finding out the total cost would be closer to 700,000, you stepped up, voted, and began to give. Today, as you worship in this environment, you, through the sale of some property and what you have given plus what you did in-kind, have paid down 337,000 of that, leaving a balance of 362,000. We have an additional $224,000 either currently committed and still to come in or through the final payment next July on the property we sold, leaving a balance that will have to be amortized in February, 2018, of $138,000.

As we relaunch and update you on this process, I am asking you to renew your efforts to pay this off. Our staff is doing our part, saving enough money that not one dollar of your giving is going to interest.  Plus, we are adjusting our budget each years so that by 2018, we can absorb a monthly payment into our budget.

I believe we can handle this if not one more cent is pledged or given. However, today, I am asking you to pray over this response card and let us know of your renewed commitment to get this project over the finish line. You can pick up a hard copy of this card under the seats in the worship center or in Information Central.

Lori and I are prayerfully going to be able to fulfill our goal this fall and plan to give an additional amount to try to pay down the $138,000 balance. I trust you will pray and respond. If all of us do just what the Lord says, God will be satisfied with us no matter what the outcome. Our job is to obey the Spirit and leave the results to God.response-card


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