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Contact Governor Haslam re: HB 2414

A bill (HB 2414) is before the Tennessee General Assembly to requiring school and college students to use the locker and rest rooms of the gender listed on their birth certificate at the time of birth. In essence, it prevents students who consider themselves transgender from invading the privacy of the bathrooms and locker rooms of members of the opposite sex.

I have written a lengthy post about what I believe our position should be on this and similar matters. You can read it here.

A letter or e-mail to the Governor in support of HB 2414 is urgently needed. While reflecting your personal thoughts and attitude, the following are some points you may wish to consider including:

  • God created us “male and female.”
  • Important and long standing cultural traits like modesty and decency are being forever removed.
  • The state has a responsibility to value and protect the privacy of school children while in their care.
  • Children have a right to personal privacy in the school setting where they expect to be safe and secure.
  • Less than 0.3% of all students are identified as “transgendered”, yet the vast majority are forced to yield, change and accept.


Mailing address: 

Governor Bill Haslam

State Capitol, 1st Floor

Nashville. TN 37243



A personal note in your own words would be best, but if you don’t have time, here is a brief note you can copy and paste to paper or email.

Dear Governor Haslam,

I am writing to you today in support of House Bill 2414, the “bathroom bill.” I support this bill for the following reasons:

  1. My children and grandchildren have a right to expect privacy in the most intimate of settings and as adults in a state mandated environment, we have a responsibility to provide that.
  2. Allowing people to choose bathrooms based on their “psychological” sex rather than their physical gender allows all kinds of abuse by people who are predatory in nature. We have spent years as a state trying to make sure predators were not allowed close to our children. This is not a statement about transgender but an acknowledgement that this move toward open transgender bathrooms will make protecting our children from predators impossible.
  3. My faith dictates that God created them male and female and while that is not the only reason I support this bill, it is one of them.
  4. There are important, longstanding cultural traits like modesty and decency that are being swept aside seemingly without thought to the unintended consequences.

Know that we are aware of the difficult political environment in which you find yourself, but knowing of your faith, I trust you recognize that you have come to this position for “such a time as this.” I will be praying for you and waiting expectantly for you to do the right thing on House Bill 2414.



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