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Hide and Seek (Day 2)

Then Jesus, knowing all that would happen to him, came forward and said to them, “Whom do you seek?” (John 18:4 ESV)

hide_and_go_seekSunday morning at Antioch, we will come to the Lord’s Table in what Jesus intended to be the most intimate and special worship event this side of heaven. He met with His disciples for a final meal in which he celebrated passover and instituted a celebration of the new covenant that we call communion. From there he goes out across a little brook into a garden not far from where they had dinner. It was there, the betrayer brought the soldiers to Jesus to arrest Him. Ever in control and knowing the hearts of men, He asked a simple question. Who are you looking for?

That is a good question for us to ask ourselves as we prepare to worship at the Lord’s Table. Who (or what) are we looking for?  Clearly, Jesus intended it to be a very significant event, but what about you? What will you be looking for this week as you prepare your heart? Will you even take the time to prepare your heart? What about Sunday? Who will you be seeking on Sunday?

Some will come expecting a “feeling,” kind of a goose bump experience where they can say “that was a really good service this morning.” Others come expecting nothing, in fact will not even remember until they walk in the door and see the preparations that we are having a special service. So, what should you be seeking? The answer to that is so simple, it sounds trite. We should be seeking Jesus.

Like the soldiers and the crowd that day, we often fail to see him even when we are seeking him because of the crowd and the noise and the activity. It poses a challenge to us then. Who do we seek and how do we seek Him? Can I suggest you spend some time today praying and focusing on two things.

First, focus on getting quiet and still enough that you can recognize Jesus when you see Him. Even if you daily read the Bible, try to clear out a little extra time on either side of it so you are not too rushed to see Jesus as He reveals Himself in His Word.

Secondly, and more importantly, work on sharpening your vision. Look for Christ in the comings and goings of your day. Let Him reveal Himself in that encounter with a co-worker or store clerk that might otherwise annoy you; see Him in the beauty of the Springtime around you; hear His whisper as you suddenly know the answer to a problem or question that has been plaguing you; and recognize His still small voice as you feel the urge to help someone out.

If you will tune your ears and eyes to hear and see Jesus this week, it will be much easier for you to see and hear Him in communion on Sunday.


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