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Why I am Voting Yes on 1!

Yes on 1There is great irony in the political back and forth coming from both sides of the proposed amendment 1 to the Tennessee constitution, up for vote on November 4. The liberals are arguing against it on the basis of big government and the conservatives are saying it is not really about limiting abortion. I think both of those positions are dishonest. The “no” people are also saying over and over that “religious leaders” are saying vote no. I suppose I am a religious leader and I plan to vote “yes” and do all I can to influence people to do the same. Here are my reasons.

  1. I am PRO-LIFE! Unapologetically, PRO-LIFE. I think the promise of liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot extend to anyone who does not first have the life promised in the same clause of our founding documents. I think the protection of life should extend to the unborn, the aged, the insane, the victims of genocide, etc. I am not even sure of my conservative credentials on capital punishment anymore. (Don’t write me on that one. I am just being transparent.) I am PRO-LIFE.
  2. I believe that all life is valuable, both the unborn and the mother considering the abortion. I think her life is valuable as well and that if she chooses to have an abortion, the clinic should be inspected at least as regularly and stringently as the McDonald’s that kid would eat at if allowed to live. I further think the doctor performing the abortion should have admitting privileges to a local hospital in case something goes wrong. While amendment 1 does not enact those laws, its passage is necessary for that to happen.
  3. I am PRO-LIFE! Don’t believe the lies on either side that say this is about anything other than the protection of life.
  4. I don’t know about things like rape and incest but both sides seem to agree that those cases make up less than 2% of all abortions. It is closer to 1% but I am giving the benefit of the doubt here. I am voting for 98-99% of the unborn babies who will potentially be aborted. I will leave it to far smarter ethicists than myself to figure out the rest.
  5. I believe government has some Biblical responsibilities, among which is the protection of those who cannot protect themselves. Therefore, I categorically reject the opponents’ view that this amendment is just an intrusion of big government. If the government cannot protect the most vulnerable among us, both the unborn baby, and the emotionally vulnerable woman, who should they protect?
  6. Did I mention that I am PRO-LIFE?
  7. I believe the people have a right to legislate and not the courts, especially courts presided over by people we did not elect. Amendment 1 puts the making of laws regarding abortion clinics, waiting periods, etc. in the hands of the state legislature. People on both sides of the issue then have the right to elect people who will represent their views. Roe v Wade is not up for a vote in this election. It is the law of the land. What we are deciding is who gets to decide how these abortions are regulated in Tennessee.
  8. I am PRO-LIFE. Have I said that before? On this issue, I am a one-issue voter. I have never knowingly voted for anyone that was not pro-life and will abstain from an election before I will cast my vote for someone that is not pro-life. If you think that is narrow minded and simple, I am ok with that. Its a free country. You believe what you want to about me and I will be pro-life and vote accordingly. Isn’t this a great country?
  9. Planned Parenthood is using MY money to fight it. In broad general terms, if Planned Parenthood is for a political agenda, I am opposed to it. I think they have a right to their opinion. I don’t think they have a right to use MY money to fight the things I believe in. So far, Planned Parenthood of Memphis alone has given $800,000 to fight amendment 1. According to their own reports 45% of their funding comes from government grants. MY money. All told, various chapters of PP have given over 1.3 million to fight amendment 1. That is nearly 3 times the entire budget of the Yes on 1 folks. 45% of PP of Memphis would equal a majority of the half million the pro amendment forces have spent. PP also happens to be the largest referrer of abortion related services in the nation. Do they do some other things? Yes, but remember I am a one issue person when it comes to abortion.
  10. Finally, I am voting Yes on 1 because I am PRO-LIFE!

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. If you would like to see the exact language on the ballot and an explanation, here is a link.

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