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Heart Check for the Lord’s Table: Kingdom

I will post some random thoughts this week to guide your thoughts and prayers as you prepare your heart for Holy Week and to come to the Lord’s Table. These thoughts are based loosely on the Model Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13.

Thy Kingdom Come smallIs the central prayer and desire of your life the advance of the Kingdom of God? We are told to pray, “your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Yet, for me, and perhaps for you, that focus is lost in the shuffle of life and the desire to grow our own kingdom. It is a simple command to pray a simple prayer, but it is profoundly difficult to keep it central to our faith journey.

It really boils down to two questions, one of perspective and the other of obedience.

1. Is the advance of God’s Kingdom a greater desire for you than the advance of your own kingdom?

While you may not feel selfish or greedy, a Christ follower has to evaluate that in contrast to how much time and energy and thought and focus they are giving to seeing God’s Kingdom move forward in their community, nation, and home. So, here is the real question. Which kingdom gets the most of  your attention?

2. Do you pray for the advance of God’s Kingdom and for His will to be accomplished in your home and community as perfectly as it is accomplished in heaven?

It begins as a matter of obedience, but as you obey, it refocuses your attention from your kingdom to His Kingdom. As you pray for it, you will begin to want it. When you want it, you will want to pray more for it.

As we turn our attention to the Lord’s Table this week, take a few minutes and evaluate your level of commitment both to praying for and working for the advance of God’s Kingdom. If it turns out you have been more focused on building your own kingdom, repent and obey. Ask God to give you a desire more for His will and plans than for your own and more for the building of His Kingdom than yours. The more you ask that, the more it will happen, and the more you will want.

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