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The Whole World is Mad!

     My missionary friend, Ric, is prone to say “the whole world is mad,” in response to some lunacy he sees on the news. He usually goes on to say it is just a matter of degrees. Some places and people are more mad than others. I stumbled into a hornets nest of madness yesterday. It was a simple task. I had to call the newspaper to renew an ad for a house we are selling in Columbia, Tennessee. (Shameless plug – If you know someone who needs a good deal on a great house, send them to this site.) Because of the unique response we are getting to our house, I wanted to add the words, “ideal for extended families” to the ad. The sweet lady on the phone said and I quote, “O, we can’t do that. HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) prohibits that as it may be construed to be discrimination.”

     So, the whole world is mad. Those lunatics from Westboro Baptist Church (though they are not Baptist like anyone I know, but I digress) can stand on the corner and traumatize families of fallen American heroes but I cannot appeal to those who might have their parents to care for in an attempt to meet a need for both of us. Apparently, to appeal to extended families is an affront and discriminates against those who are not in traditional family models. Wow!

     Does this strike you as being mad? Maybe I am just missing something here. What do you think?

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