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The Big Five

Lori and I finished up our time in Africa with a once-in-a-lifetime safari on the Masai Mara to celebrate our 25th anniversary a year late. I have been telling everyone it was a celebration of our 26 and 1/4th anniversary, since I was pretty sick on our 25th. While I usually use this space for teaching and encouragement, this post is just bragging. Within the first four hours of our safari, we had already seen the “big five.” For some reason, these are the five animals everyone considers most African. The following pictures are not the best wildlife pics ever taken, but they are my pictures of the big five. I hope you enjoy them.

We interrupted this amorous pair but they took time to pose for a photo.
This was one mom and baby of several we saw in this herd.
A distant shot of the Black Rhino, a rare sighting.
The water buffalo
The leopard, one of the hardest photos to get and we were lucky enough to see two.

Lori has her own opinion and I will publish her favorite photos of her favorite animals next.

One Response

  1. WOW I wanna go back and do that again! I never saw a leopard or a rhino, so you're certainly lucky to see those. Glad you're back in the states, and I look forward to meeting with you again! On a side note, I hope you didn't get out of the van to free it from a ditch in the middle of the masai mara. Because, you know, I hear that's dangerous. 😉

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