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Books I am Reading

I keep a stack of books going all the time. People that know me ask me often what I am currently reading. The dilemma is this. What do I want to read badly enough that I will carry it in my backpack half way around the world for the next two months? So, in no particular order, here is what I am taking with me.

  1. My Bible. (duh!)
  2. Experiencing LeaderShift by Don Cousins
  3. Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home by Richard J. Foster
  4. Life’s Healing Choices by John Baker
  5. Forgotten God by Francis Chan (audio book)

I am not sure how much reading time I will have but I would feel naked without some books, plus our first flight leaves on Sunday night and we will not arrive at our first destination until Tuesday afternoon so I can probably knock out a couple of these enroute and give them away there.

I would love to know what you are reading these days so I can restock when I return.

One Response

  1. I'm always going through audiobooks on my commute to and from work, but the most noteworthy one I've read in a while is "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom. I've heard her name as long as I can remember, but never really knew her story… and I've never heard anyone mention Betsy Ten Boom's name. What a remarkable story of love and sacrifice by an entire family, as well as demonstration of what a positive impact we can have on others.

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